Adobo-style Lion's Mane & Turnip Grounds

Adobo-style Lion's Mane & Turnip Grounds

It's only the beginning of the year, but I want to continue supporting anyone who wishes to eat more plants. I want to introduce different methods to create vegan meat substitutes. I don't know how I did not create this sooner. Lion's mane mushroom & Turnips! Well, I do go by Turnip, so I should make more turnip recipes. Lol The texture of this recipe isn't as meaty as some of my other meat substitutes, but the flavor and ingredients are...

Salted Chocolate Walnut Pie Remixed - Where Do Walnuts Grow

Salted Chocolate Walnut Pie Remixed - Where Do Walnuts Grow

It is my hope that everyone is having a positive start to the week. I thought I would start the week off by sharing with you one of my favorite holiday recipes that I make every year. This walnut pie is from my ebook "It's All About The Walnuts." I remixed it by adding melted dark chocolate and sea salt flakes to it. This recipe is taken to a whole new level by the addition of sea salt flakes, combined with...

Avocado Key Lime Pie. #ThrowbackThursday

Avocado Key Lime Pie. #ThrowbackThursday

Avocado Key Lime Pie. #ThrowbackThursday



I whipped this recipe up last year around mid-December, so it is perfect for a #throwbackthursday. It is incredible how the avocado gets lost in the creamy sweet filling. Last year I used sweetened coconut condensed milk, but I switched it out for brown rice syrup on the recipe I posted today. 


Since I went vegan, my tastebuds have been on a rollercoaster of trying new flavors and ways to make old dishes differently. When you go vegan, your creativity for food grows, and you appreciate...

White Chocolate Strawberry Bomb #throwbackthursday #holidayvibes

White Chocolate Strawberry Bomb #throwbackthursday #holidayvibes

I have made a fun chocolate bomb two years in a row. What should I make this year? I already have a few ideas 💡 in my 🧠.


Who else loves strawberry milk? 😀




Vegan marshmallows 

1 bag of vegan white chocolate chips 

1 freeze-dried bag of strawberries 🍓 

1/2 tsp cane sugar (Optional) 

Plant-based milk

Toppings (optional) 

Chocolate molds 


Step ☝️Heat ⬆️ white chocolate chips. Don’t overcook but make sure it’s very smooth and creamy.


Step 2. Add the white...

Shiitake Mushroom Bacon

Shiitake Mushroom Bacon

Shiitake Mushroom Bacon 


Mushroom Bacon Marinated 

4 -5 medium to large shiitake mushroom

2 tsp of minced dry garlic

2 tbsp melted vegan butter 

2 tbsp liquid amino 

1 tsp apple cider 

1 tbsp maple

1 1/2 tsp paprika 

1 tsp liquid smoke

2 tsp minced onion

salt & pepper to taste


Step 1. Clean and cut mushrooms. Cut steam off of mushrooms and cut thin slices.

Step 2. Mix all mushroom bacon marinate ingredients. Add to a bowl with...