Turnip Vegan Juice Vibes Late Summer Edition Ebook

Turnip Vegan Juice Vibes Late Summer Edition Ebook

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Back To The Basics 

The Juice Vibes: Late Summer Edition e-book was created to capture summer vibes in a mason jar so that you can take the vibes with you throughout the year. I think most would agree that there is something very special about summer. Summer brings joy and laughter. With more opportunities to spend time outdoors, connecting to nature, and who wouldn't love to enjoy a refreshing summer drink?!?! It is a vibe just thinking about summer. So when you want a piece of summer, pull out this e-book and make some fresh juice.

 I created this e-book to encourage simplicity while pushing you to explore your creative side. Getting Back To The Basics means enjoying the simplicity of fruits and veggies in their most natural form. There are 12 recipes in this short Ebook for you to enjoy! 

P.S You don't need to make your drinks outdoors, but it is fun if you can.

  Forever Grateful,

 Turnip Vegan (Check The Vibes)