It's All About The Walnuts E-book

It's All About The Walnuts E-book

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My name is Todd, but you probably know me as TURNIP VEGAN!

Welcome to the second E-book in my first cookbook series, "It's all about the Walnuts".

At the time of writing this book, I have been vegan for five years strong. I am so grateful for this lifestyle and I am always excited to share what I have learned on my journey.

When I first went vegan, I often opted for commercially available meat replacements, out of convenience and due to a lack of experience using nuts in recipes. In the past year, I have experimented with many other meat alternatives, and I have to admit, walnuts are one of my favorites!

As with Lion's Mane mushroom (detailed in my first e-book), walnuts are exceptionally versatile. They soak up the flavor of marinades, can be used in sweet or savory recipes, and they add the perfect amount of texture to every dish.

I first used walnuts as a meat replacement in one of my most popular TikTok videos! The famous Walnut Chili blew the socks off any other chili I had made in the past and it sparked my curiosity. I couldn't wait to incorporate more walnuts into my recipes, so I bought a five pound bag of walnuts and got to work!

I hope these 12 recipes will help you rethink how you view and utilize walnuts. I hope these recipes also get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen! Remember to have fun. Bring your family or friends into the kitchen with you. Turn on your favorite jams or borrow my playlist and have fun cooking.

Check the vibes and enjoy!

I am so grateful for your support and I hope you enjoy this E-book!