It's All About The Lion's Mane E-Book by Turnip Vegan

It's All About The Lion's Mane E-Book by Turnip Vegan

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My name is TURNIP VEGANand welcome to my first E-book, "It's all about the Lion's Mane." Ten recipes + bonus recipes, that are focused on Lion's Mane mushroom.

When I first went vegan, mushrooms were the last thing that came to mind as an option to replace meat in a meal. To be honest, I thought mushrooms were gross, and I associated the word fungi with things like mold. My outlook on mushrooms began to change when I realized how much fungi are around me every day. For example, fungi yeast is used in the production of foods we frequently eat, like coffee, bread, and chocolate.

I have recently fallen in love with mushrooms. I am fascinated by how they grow, how many species exist, how easy they are to grow at home, and the different flavors and textures they provide in meals.

This leads me to "King" Lion's Mane - King of the Mycelium, in my opinion.

Let's chat about Hericium erinaceus, AKA "Lion's Mane", and why it's my favorite mushroom out of the crew. Keep in mind, I am only at the beginning of my journey, and by the time you read this, I may have a new favorite mushroom.

I was introduced to Lion's Mane at a local taco spot and I was blown away. I was impressed with how the Lion's Mane mushroom took on flavor, but I most appreciated that the mushroom was not too chewy, like some other mushrooms that I had tried in the past. I was curious what others thought of Lion's Mane, but I couldn't find many recipes using the mushroom, except for "crab" cakes. So I decided to create a short E-book focusing on Lion's Mane mushroom.

I hope these 10 recipes will help you rethink how you view mushrooms, and I hope you have fun cooking with something new. I am so grateful for your support, and I hope you enjoy this short E-book.