The Magic of Black Chickpeas & Finger Limes

The Magic of Black Chickpeas & Finger Limes

All right, check it out, y'all. When it comes to mixin' up my food game, ain't nothin' better than explorin' new ingredients to add to the everyday. Keeps the mind sharp, you feel me? We are only scratchin' the surface here, with mad varieties of plants and mushrooms waiting to be discovered. Man, I get all fired up walkin' into the grocery store, coming across some new gems like these black chickpeas and finger limes.

Let's talk about black chickpeas for a minute. Unlike the regular ones you might be used to, these little bad boys are brownish-black, smaller, and have a solid density. They're firmer too, and bring a rich, nutty, earthy flavor that'll change your whole chickpea game. They need a bit longer on the stove, but the pay-off is real – they're loaded with more antioxidants and fiber than regular chickpeas.

Now, my recent masterpiece? Double-decker black chickpea tacos. Talk about a flavor bomb. I topped these off with finger limes – they got this unique taste, like if dill and lime had a baby. Straight fire, I promise you.

To get started on these epic tacos, here's what you're going to need:

Main ingredients:
- 1 1/2 cups of black chickpeas
- 4 - 5 cups water (or vegetable broth)
- 1/4 cup chopped red onions
- 1/4 cup of chopped bell peppers
- 2 tsp garlic
- 1 Tbsp of taco seasoning
- 2 tsp of vegetable base bouillon (skip this if you're using vegetable broth)

Taco assembly squad:
- Hard taco shells
- Soft taco shells
- Vegan shredded cheese
- Cilantro
- Finger limes or lime juice
- Your favorite Taco Sauce

Here's how it's done:

Start by cleaning and rinsing the black chickpeas. Give 'em a nice bath, then let them soak in water overnight to soften up. Once they've had their beauty sleep, drain and rinse them again, then move them over to a saucepan.

Next, toss in water or vegetable broth, red onions, bell peppers, garlic, taco seasoning, and vegetable bouillon (leave this out if you're using broth). Pop the lid on that bad boy and let it simmer. If you're rolling with black chickpeas, they'll need about 2 hours. Regular chickpeas? They're good in an hour. You're aiming for tender chickpeas, so keep an eye on the water and top it up if things are looking dry.

While your chickpeas are simmering, preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Pop the hard taco shells in there for about 6 minutes to warm them up. On the side, melt some vegan cheese onto your soft taco shells. Now, it's time to bring these two together – press the melted cheese side of the soft shell inside the hard shell to make your double-decker taco shell.

Alright, time to build your masterpiece. Load up your double-decker shells with your cooked chickpeas, slather on your favorite taco sauce, sprinkle on some cilantro, and squeeze in some lime juice or finger limes. If you feel fancy, top it off with crispy onions or chickpeas.

So, there you have it. Your very own Black Chickpea Double Decker Tacos with Finger Limes. Enjoy that flavor explosion, y'all!  I hope you enjoy! Peace

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